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Colorado Elopement and Intimate Microwedding Photographer

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Dawn and Dusk Photography

Meet Kels!

Hey y’all!

I am so grateful that you found this post and are taking your time to get to know me! I am the face, the breath, and the creator of Dawn and Dusk Photography based in Colorado. I specialize in Intimate Denver Microweddings and Elopements in addition to Kauai, Maui, Oregon, Internationally and beyond.

I’ve been photographing micro weddings and elopements full time for a little over two years, but have been in photography for 6+ years and have shot at over 50+ venues in Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Texas, and Internationally! I have also been featured in publications such as Rocky Mountain Bride, GMARO, Flanelle, Florists Review, Wedding Pioneer, Wedding Vault, The Knot/Wedding Wire, So Hitched, plus more! I love helping couples focus on having the most raw, funky, and fun experience they can have on their wedding day or during a session with me. Whether you’re an introvert and enjoy pizza and a good movie/night in with your partner or y’all are 100% extroverts and can take the town by storm or a new travel adventure, I am here to make sure your most authentic moments are illuminated. If either statement resonates with you, I think we may be a match 😉

My Values/Mission

I have grown up within a Christian Non-Denominational Faith-Based background and haven’t truly understood this value as deeply as I do now in my later 20s. Jesus is the most significant example to me, of what it looks like to love others regardless of their walk of life. His way of life inspires me everyday and in my business to do the same for my couples and clients.

Authenticity through identity

Authenticity is something that gets sweeter with time and continued use of it. I find that in my walk with Jesus, it’s impossible for me to be anything less than what He has called me to be. With that being said, I am not afraid to challenge norms and beliefs of myself and others while I continue to show up as my goofy, quirky, empowering self! I find that the more authentic you are, the more likely people around you can let their guard down too. Plus, the space we create is a safe space. No judgement from me here 🙂


This was my word for 2023 but I have found it woven throughout my life in so many ways, up to the present time. I want to show my couples and clients that I am detail-oriented and intentional when it comes to how I treat them throughout our relationship. I am a photographer first, but I am also a good listener, someone to laugh at slapstick comedy and jokes with, a planner, someone for reassurance, a hype girl when you need it or that mom energy when things need to be taken care of. Whatever we are doing in our session, between plans for a wedding or during your elopement, know that I am intentional in all the ways that matter most to y’all!

Facts about me:

1. I used to be a state and regional champion at 11 and 12 years old in gymnastics. I had a dream of competing in the Olympics, however, I ended up tearing my ACL which led me to a series of more injuries to eventually end that dream in 2009. Since then, I’ve had a whopping total of 6 knee surgeries on my left leg 😉 BUT, I have been able to lift heavier than I ever have at the gym!

2. I have three beautiful fluff children (In order from oldest to youngest –> Teddy Bear my Siamese boy, Lyla my Ragdoll girl, and Livie my Siamese girl). These are the loves of my life!

3. Family means A LOT to me so if I’m not taking photos or out and about with other tasks, I’m spending time with my Mama, Dad, Niece and Sister.

4. I competed in a body building competition back in 2017 to challenge myself after not doing gymnastics for a few years! Boy did it challenge me! I have such a respect for mental and physical health more now than ever.

5. I am that person that loveeees eating my pickles off of my Chick-Fil-A sandwich before I do anything else with my meal! HA

6. I have never gone to school for photography, I am 100% self-taught.

7. I have a Master’s in Sport and Performance Psychology and plan to use that with photo in the future somehow, stay tuned 😉

8. I had my first floating experience back in 2020 and have been blissfully obsessed with it ever since. It saved me during covid mentally! There are TONS of benefits and if you know me, you know I love holistic things 🙂

9. My first international trip EVER back in 2017 was all the way across the world to Thailand. I have been fully changed by Thai curry since that trip.

10. Lastly, this past December 2022, I traveled to Wales, London, and France to attend a photography retreat and add photos to my international portfolio. Check out my bucket list travel places if you want to book me for a destination elopement!

If anything resonated with you or you want to learn more about me, my packages, who I am or ask me anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I am truly honored and so excited to start this new relationship with y’all and highlight the best day/moments of your life!

Kels 🙂

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