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I specialize in intimate micro-weddings and elopements. My couples have adventurous spirits and a love and value of preserving memories. I love Jesus and truly believe everyone is loved and perfect in God's eyes. I try to extend that same love to each one of my clients,  just as Jesus does. I have spent over 5+ years shooting in Colorado and absolutely love it but there is just something about traveling with my couples that sings to my soul. I can't wait to meet y'all, go on adventures with y'all and help capture to the memory of y'all's LOVE story.

hi, i'm Kelsey.

1. I was born and raised in Colorado so you could say I'm one of the few locals left haha.

2. I've had 6 knee surgeries on my left knee!

3. I used to think my future would be in the Olympics for gymnastics until that knee injury! 

4. I've competed in a bodybuilding competition!

5. I love almost every kind of music out there and am one of the few that gets chills when I listen to certain kinds. 

6. I have three cats! Two siamese and one ragdoll :)

7. Reeses is my absolute favorite candy of all time and I think it goes better with smores than hersheys does.. oops! ;)

8. My first international trip ever back in 2017 was all the way to Bangkok, Thailand!

9. I got my Master's in Sport Psychology and want to blend that with my photo somehow in the future!

10. My favorite smells are coffee, right before it rains, new books, campfires, and palo santo incense!




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